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Stitchy: A Scarecrow's Adventure
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Welcome to Polygoat

No marketing mumbo-jumbo, just technically solid solutions.

Games, VR and AR

Games or minigames

Fancy an original marketing or information campaign? Ever thought of a (mini)game?

Endless possibilities

We have experience in serious games, entertainment games and interactive 3D applications. No idea is too crazy, let us know and together we'll explore the possibilities.

Polygoat games

Polygoat also develops own productions, from gamedesign to graphics and technical execution.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps

A good idea for an app? For consumers, or rather a B2B solution? Polygoat helps to deploy your idea to concrete project and guarantees a beautiful app that's technically solid.

For iOS or Android?

Your app on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or Android tablet? Of all of them? Polygoat ensures your app is available on the devices of your choice.


Frederik Smolders

Company owner, developer

Pieter Geusens

3D artist

Robin Gielis

Game designer, animator